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HP DDS-2 8GB 120m Data Cartridge- C5707A


HP DLT IV 40-80GB Data Cartridge- C5141F


HP LTO1 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape C7971A - 200GB


HP LTO3 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape C7973A - 800GB

*Read Speed of 80MB/s *exceptional reliability and performance *Ideal for
business data storage

HP LTO4 Ultrium 1.6TB WORM Data Tape- C7974W


HP LTO4 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape C7974A - 1.6TB
* Additional Delivery Applies of $6.58
*1.6TB Compressed 2:1 Capacity *Rewritable Media Format *Reads Media at
240MBs per second

HP LTO4 Ultrium Non Cust Label 20 Tapes- C7974AN
* Additional Delivery Applies of $19.9


HP LTO4 Ultrium RW Custom Label 20 Tapes- C7974AL
* Additional Delivery Applies of $22.9


HP LTO5 RW Custom Label 20 Tapes- C7975AL


HP LTO5 Ultrium 3TB WORM Data Tape- C7975W


HP LTO5 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape C7975A - 3TB

*Write or read data at a blistering 1 TB/hour *30 years archival life
*Rewritable Media Format

HP LTO5 Ultrium Non Custom Label 20 Pk- C7975AN


HP LTO6 Ultrium 6TB RW Data Tape- C7976B


HP LTO6 Ultrium Data Cartridge Tape C7976A - 6.25TB


HP RDX 160GB Removable Disk Cartridge- Q2040A


HP RDX 1TB Removable Disk Cartridge- Q2044A


HP RDX 320GB Removable Disk Cartridge- Q2041A


HP RDX 500GB Removable Disk Cartridge- Q2042A


HP SDLT I 220-320GB Data Cartridge- C7980A


HP SDLT II 600GB Data Cartridge- Q2020A


HP Ultrium 200GB Non- Custom Label 20 Pk- C7971AN


HP Ultrium 800GB Non- Custom Label 20 Pk- C7973AN


HP Ultrium 800GB RW Custom Label 20 Pk- C7973AL


HP Ultrium 800GB WORM Data Cartridge- C7973W


HP Universal Cleaning Cartridge C7978A

*Can be used in any Ultrium tape drive *Active internal head cleaning &
self-diagnostic capacities *Open tape format *1 year warranty

Maxtor M3 Portable 1TB Hard Drive


Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Portable Hard Drive - 3.5inch Drive 6TB
Black V2 USB 3.0


Seagate Expansion Desktop Portable Hard Drive - 4TB Black 3.5inc USB
3.0 Black


Seagate Expansion Desktop Portable Hard Drive 3TB Black 3.5inch USB 3.0


Seagate External Hard Drive - 10TB - 3.5inch